Full day Khasab Musandam dhow cruise brings you an opportunity to watch dolphins, snorkeling swimming, and view of Musandam Fjords. We will take you to the historical Telegraph and Seebi Islands which are the best places for snorkeling and swimming inside the Musandam fjords. You will be served delicious traditional Omani lunch during the Khasab Musandam dhow cruise with unlimited refreshments.

There will be comfortable cushions to relax and enjoy the dhow cruise. During a full-day Khasab Musandam dhow cruise, musandam khasab dhow cruise you will be served unlimited soft drinks, Omani tea, coffee, fresh fruits (Apple, Orange, Banana), delicious lunch with fresh salad. We will provide snorkeling and swimming equipment, neat and clean towels, a basic toilet and shower facility on a dhow, and life jackets. We request you to bring your own swimming suits because we don’t provide this

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