Photobooths for All Family Occasions


Our picture booths are ideal for weddings, business gatherings, and other special occasions. We hire out a range of high-quality Photo Booth Rentals in Nashville, Tennessee, and the nearby locations. For your unique occasion, Flashing Stars provides the greatest photo booth-like experiences. Since 2016, we have offered Middle Tennessee the most entertaining and distinctive ways to make memories at important occasions. We have talented photographers and graphic designers in our team. We provide the packages, choices, and amenities that you and your visitors will like.

Our services:

Professional Photo Booth Rentals in Nashville, Tennessee, region from Flashing Stars Photo Booth. Since 2016, we have been developing enjoyable and unique methods to record and share memories from your activities.

In 2016, Brandon Campbell started Flashing Stars Photo Booth after assisting with a wedding. He also works in management and customer service outside of photo booths. Even though photo booths were sometimes the last event service to be squeezed into a budget, Brandon was amazed to find how much fun almost all attendees had using them at weddings and other special events.

Our priority:

We mostly take pleasure in giving people a chance to get together, have fun, and make precious memories. We like bringing pleasure and happiness into people’s lives and playing a tiny role in making those moments happen. Until the end of these days, people will continue to eat, drink, marry, and give in marriage. Although our teacher worked at the Cana wedding, we are from Nashville. We want to create a brand that enhances every kind of event! a brand that endures and grows past us. While manning our booths at events, we put a lot of effort into creating pleasant contact with visitors. We make an effort to improve Photo booth for events while we are there by being kind and amusing while maintaining a minimal presence. We concentrate on how we can make the drop-off Photo booth rental experiences, like our DIY Selfie Station or our Audio Guestbook: Vintage Telephone, as dependable, user-friendly, and interesting as possible. Depending on the 4 packages we provide (Bronze through Platinum), our DIY Selfie Stations come with a tonne of fantastic features. Free Delivery, Setup, and Pickup are all included in our standard service, which also includes unlimited photographs and text and email delivery for the day. The standard package also includes customized event visuals (Welcome Screen and Image Overlay).



In conclusion our Flashing Stars Photo Booth is the best addition to your party or wedding that you can have, our state-of-the-art photo booths will make sure that you don’t have a bad time while attending a party we will make sure that your guests and you enjoy a fun night with our photo booth so if you were looking for a Photo Booth Rentals in Nashville then you came to the right place and we will make sure that you get your money’s worth without any problems you don’t have to worry about anything and if you have any kinds of questions we have a FAQ section on our website where we answer the most answered questions.

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